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Multiway Valve

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Multi Way Valve

No dead areas 
Suitable for highly viscous i.e. polymer substances as well as low pressure losses. 

DN 15 up to 250
1/2″ up to 10″
PN 10 up to PN 420
150 up to 2500 Lbs

Multi Way Valves: installed in the process line to mix the medium streams, or to isolate or separate them.

Materials: C-steel (CS), stainless steel (SS), duplex & super duplex,incoloy® & inconel, titan (Ti), zirkonium (Zr), uranus® B6, tantal (Ta), nickel (Ni), hastelloy®, monel
Design: welded or cast

Operating conditions: high pressure, hight temperature, cryogenic temperature, abrasive and corrosive conditions, vacuum
Medium: Liquids, liquids with solids, gas, powder, powdery substances, viscous and highly viscous substances
Application: Plastics and polymer, chemical industry

Metallic via piston, cone and cock
Sealing PTFE/metal for a operating temperature of up to 180°C
Globe valves: Towards the outside with bellows possible (see options)

Hand wheel, single or double acting pneumatic drive, electric or hydraulic, compressed air motor

Piston, cone or cock

– Adaptation for any kind of connection
– Hard facing of the seating areas
– The piston is designed for optimal flow (no dead spaces)
– Material of conical sealing surface: aluminium
– Removable seat
– Vacuum tightness 
– Spindle seal via bellows ( for cone type) 
– Temperature sensor
– Pressure test
– Additional nozzles for cleaning and / or venting
– Heating jacket
– Fire safe Design
– Seals and packing with FDA approval
– Leakage monitoring on stuffing box
– Internal and / or external surface areas polished
– Limit switch or initiator
– Emergency manual operation on pneumatic drive
– Pneumatic drive (for dry air)
– Pneumatic drive - material stainless steel
– Manual operation with interlocking 
– Chain wheel drive
– Hand wheel with extension, if required with cardan joint 
– Hand operation on ISO base plate (for subsequent fitting of drive)
– Electric drive with local and / or remote control

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