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High Pressure Gate Valve

High Pressure Gate Valve

full bore

Excellent tightness through flexible wedge or parallel plate with ball joint 
DN 50 to DN 900, bigger diameters upon request 
2" up to 36"
PN 150 up to PN 420
cl. 900 up to 2500

Application: Shut-off valve on a boiler, reactor, or in a pipeline

Material: C-steel (CS), stainless steel (SS), duplex & super duplex
Construction: Cast or welded
Operating Conditions: High pressure, high temperature, cryogenic temperature, abrasion, corrosion, vacuum 
Application: Liquid, liquid with solids, gas, powder, and powdery substances, viscose and high viscose substances
Area of Application: Plastic and polymer, chemical and petrochemical industry, power stations, cryogenic temperature industry LNG

flexible wedge or parallel plates with metal seat 
Stem seal via stuffing box (optional in accordance with  TA-Luft)
self-sealing hood cover

Actuation: Hand wheel, double acting pneumatic actuator, single acting pneumatic actuator, electric or hydraulic actuator, pneumatic motor

- Adjustment for any kind of connection 
- Vacuum tightness
- Additional nozzle for cleaning and/or air vent 
- Steam flushing for cleaning of the seats 
- Heating jacket
- Fire-Safe-Design
- Leakage monitoring on stuffing box
- Hand wheel with extension, if required with cardan joint 
- ISO-Base plate (for subsequent fitting of drive)
- Electric drive with on-site or remote control.
- Design with bypass (depending on DN / PN)

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