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g schraegsitzabsperrventil 72


Angle Seat / Straight Seat Valve

Suitable for all liquids, powders or gaseous substances. 
Especially suited for high pressure applications
Optional: Bellows for hazardous substances

DN 5 up to 400
3/16" up to 16"
PN 10 up to PN 420 depending on nominal diameter
150 up to 2500 Lbs depending on nominal diameter

In line shut-off or control valve
Control valve

Materials: C-steel (CS), stainless steel (SS), duplex & super duplex, incoloy® & inconel, titan (Ti), zirkonium (Zr), uranus® B6, tantal (Ta), nickel (Ni), hastelloy®, monel
Design: Welded, cast or manufactured out of a mono block

Operating conditions: High pressure, high temperature, cryogenic temperature, abrasive, corrosive, vacuum
Medium: Liquids, liquids with solids, gas, powder and powdery substances, viscous and highly viscous substances. 
Application: Fine chemicals, plastics and polymer, chemical and petrochemical, cryogenic temperature and maritime applications

Tightness PTFE/Metal for operating conditions up to 180°C or metal to metal 
Spindle seal with bellows (see options)

Hand wheel, double or single acting pneumatic drive, electric or hydraulic drive, compressed air motor.


- Adaptation for any kind of connection
- Hard facing of the seat surfaces
- removable seat 
- Vacuum tightness
- Spindle seat sealing via bellows
- Additional nozzles for cleaning and/or release of air
- Heating jacket
- Fire safe design
- Seals and packing with FDA approval
- Leakage monitoring on stuffing box
- Polished surfaces intern and/or extern
- Limit switch or initiator
- Pneumatic drive (for dry air)
- Manuel emergency actuation for pneumatic drive
- Pneumatic drive completely out of stainless steel 
- Drive lock position closed
- Manuel actuation with locking
- Chain wheel drive
- Hand wheel with extension, if required with cardan joint
- ISO base plate (for subsequent fitting of drive)
- Design with bypass (depending on DN / PN)

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