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 steckscheiben teilgeschlossen

Line Blind with partially closed housing

The housing is closed all round except for the upwards opening. In case of liquid media, any residues from the pipeline can be collected in the housing and drained of for later disposal. The compact design with its threaded holes enables easy installation.

For actuation, the seat is being released via a handwheel or lever and after realignment pressed on again. For change over, the disc is removed and reinserted again by hand. the position of the disc, OPEN or CLOSED is being indicated on the disc itself. 

Other types of actuation are also possible.

Zum einfachen und sicheren Absperren von Rohrleitungen und Behältern innerhalb weniger Sekunden durch nur 1 Bediener, ohne Spreizen der Rohrleitung.

Die Position der Steckscheibe OFFEN oder GESCHLOSSEN wird über entsprechende Stellungsanzeigen dargestellt

DN 100 to DN 3000
4" to 120"
Up to PN100 depending on nominal diameter and type
Up to 600 Lbs depending on nominal diameter and type

• No expansion of the pipeline, thus avoiding tensions within the  pipeline. 
• The unique SAMMI mechanism enables the almost wear and tension free pressing and release of the sealing seat to actuate the line blind. 
• the disc is moved automatically into its end position via stops, this ensures an exact and seamless alignment to the pipeline.
• Optional: Torques indicator for the correct setting of the pressing force. 

Secure shut off of the pipeline or part of the plant to ensure safe accessibility or inspection of the downstream pipelines. 

Material: C steel (CS), stainless steel (SS), duplex & super duplex 
Design: welded or cast

Operating conditions: High temperature, cryogenic temperature, abrasive or corrosive substances
Medium: Liquids, liquids with solids, gas, steam, powder, powdery substances, viscous and highly viscous substances
Application: Chemical, polymer, Chemical and petrochemical, power stations, cryogenic environments, pulp and cement industry, iron and steel industry

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